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A living-history experiment by yours truly, because writers do weird things for the sake of realism. Such as, in this case, going out in the rain in garb. Purpose: To find out how it feels to wear garb in the … Continue reading

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Baptism in Wind Age

In the chapter I sent out last week, a character gets baptized. Now since this was at a time in the conversion of England when most people were first-generation believers, infant baptism hadn’t really come up yet and wasn’t an … Continue reading

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For once it wasn’t knights who saved the world.

You know those chapters that you always come back to in a book even when you’ve read the whole thing so often you’re tired of most of it? The next chapter of Wind Age is one of those. At least, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on old writing

Three poems now in my writing workshop class have prompted the teacher to say: Writing in an old style, using words like “awry” and “vixen”, writing about old subjects (courtly love, chivalry, witches’ curses), these things are out of date. … Continue reading

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How to Teach History

After spending so much time on the depressing state of American education in my last post, it would be nice to turn to something cheerfuller today. Before anyone can talk about the right way to do anything, we have to … Continue reading

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How Not to Teach History

My first semester as a college student — I was fifteen and taking college classes at a local tech school through a thing called PSEO, which hardly anybody seems to have heard of even at the schools — I took … Continue reading

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