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Caution: may explode on impact

I am not at school today, on account of a cold, and I skipped class yesterday too. Olivia was reminiscing about camp last night, and said she wished it would have gone on forever, but I said a week was … Continue reading

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Spiders, King Arthur, and the Orb

Dad’s mom came for a few days and I didn’t get any writing done, and I’m feeling a bit out of practice. The fact that my sister has been using me for a pillow isn’t really helping. Layamon’s Brut is on … Continue reading

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Black Wasp garb

My mom was shopping one day and found almost five yards of 60-inch wide wool at a thrift store. It’s very thin and very very dark blue, and a bit shiny — really high-status stuff. And there’s a lot of … Continue reading

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Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax

This is going to be a long post. This “artist’s statement” was supposed to be a lot shorter, but you know how that goes. I even tried to abridge it and then found too many gaps in the argument that … Continue reading

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Summer and a love letter (not mine)

Summer in my local area means pop-up thunderstorms and toads on the road afterward; people setting off fireworks on dates not limited to Independence Day, and late at night without considering that other people are trying to sleep (our nearest … Continue reading

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“Qua!” said Peter Aurelius.

In the category of random Anglo-Saxon-era tidbits, there was in the seventh century a woman named AEthelthryth, who did all kinds of things which may be marshalled as evidence against the myth that the Church or the Middle Ages oppressed … Continue reading

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“Polybius observed that deisidaimonia — fear and respect for the supernatural — held the Roman state together.”

(Roman Religion, Valerie Warrior) I think it may be time to talk a little more about the Vestal Virgin story. I’ve mentioned it here on account of reading books for it, but not enough to really give an idea of … Continue reading

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