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I wish I knew what to call this

I promised news on writing and SCA, so here you are. Listening to my sister’s playlists is good company while I clean, but apparently nothing can clarify my incoherent thoughts today. STOML — is on hold for now, after a … Continue reading

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In Which I’d Forget My Head If It Weren’t Fastened On

(Part Seventh and Final of In Which I Forget. Thank you for sticking with me on this nine-and-a-half-thousand-word journey. I hope you enjoyed it! We return to regularly unscheduled programming at some time which is not now, and I’ll have … Continue reading

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In Which I Lose It

(Continued from part VI of  In Which I Forget. See also parts I, II, III, IV, and V.) Monday Olivia had an eight o’clock final and another at ten-thirty. I slept through half her first one, but I was up when she came back … Continue reading

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