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April wrap-up (late)

You might have noticed I didn’t post on Tuesday. I got done with finals and immediately got the cold. It started about a month ago, got Olivia, got my mother (still has her, in fact) and for some reason missed … Continue reading

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“Right is right even if nobody does it. Wrong is wrong even if everybody is wrong about it.”

Previously I mentioned having trouble with a certain writing workshop I’m taking this semester. Postmodernism — the idea that everything is subjective, which differs from modernism mainly in that when modernism’s fallacies were pointed out, the Modernists were bothered by … Continue reading

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In Which I decide to do the normal thing and talk about the past month

December was an unusually busy month. Decembers often are, what with Advent and Christmas and New Year’s Eve and all, but this one, perhaps because it’s freshest in memory, seems more so. Writing: This month I wrote very little, actually, … Continue reading

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This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Before you appears a young nobleman of the Middle Ages, between the ages of seven and fourteen, with an empty expression. Actually, this post is a post to inform you that there will be no post in the accustomed place today. … Continue reading

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The Craftsman and Artist

Here’s the story from the SCA event my sister and I went to a few weeks ago. It’s long, I warn you — fourteen thousand words. Also, unlike the other one I’ve posted here, from Hadrian’s Feld, SUN is a … Continue reading

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Chesterton and politics

Bob-Up-And-Down   They babble on of Babylon, They tire me out with Tyre, And Sidon putting side on, I do not much admire. But the little town Bob-up-and-Down, That lies beyond the Blee, Along the road our fathers rode, O … Continue reading

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SCAdian moments

   A lot of AEschild’s story is influenced by my own life as a SCAdian blundering around in the mundane world. At some times I’m more obviously weird than at others.    Probably the most notable of these was just … Continue reading

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