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I wonder as I wander

(out under the sky) Merry Christmas! This Christmastime (consider we-ell, and bear in mind) has been strangely hectic, at least inside my head, and it’s been hard to settle down and choose a project to work on. As one not … Continue reading

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Well, I’m back.

Hallo again. Apologies for the absence. But last week I woke up a little before my alarm and ready to get up (not with the bounding energy my sister’s known for, but still) not only one but three days. I can’t … Continue reading

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I fell behind again — March wrap-up

Christus surrexit! Reading: Roman Religion, by Valerie Warrior. Brief introduction to the subject, which apart from occasional grammatical flaws (nothing very important, just occasionally makes it read roughly enough to be distracting) and use of BCE and CE, is okay … Continue reading

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News on The Colour of Life

Christus surrexit hodie! Khristos voskres! Christus ist auferstanden! . . . or in the vulgar, Christ is risen! Also, we are snowed in. No rehearsal tonight, and a concert next week for which we are woefully unprepared. The Five Poisoned … Continue reading

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July Wrap-up

Writing: Lots. I did Camp NaNo, and at first I set my goal at 20,000 words. That’s the upper limit for the Rooglewood contest submissions, which is what I was planning to do, so it was nice and easy. Then … Continue reading

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Things ganging agley

Because this is what happens when I make plans. I try not to, because then I get attached, and when they don’t turn out, I get sad about it. It’s easier just not to plan, and then whenever you get … Continue reading

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Three Drops of Blood

Last week I said I’d be telling you more about my Snow White retelling. I don’t want to talk about it too much, as it is for a contest, but I have back-cover copy: Snow White in Orthodox Russia   … Continue reading

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