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Wind Age snippets

For the last post of mine in March, have a taste of the actual story that I’ve been going on about. I don’t seem to have a lot of dialogue that isn’t in spoiler territory, so the story isn’t as … Continue reading

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In a vein similar to “Why I am an English major”

First off, you may not be hearing much from me for another week. This weekend is crazy with concerts and trips to the Cities and that sort of thing, and my grandfather coming to visit. Someone may be wondering, or … Continue reading

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Wind Age and music

Music actually had a great deal to do with my time writing Wind Age. I collected enough pieces of music, each for a certain part of the story, that I arranged them in a playlist — a private one, though, as … Continue reading

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For once it wasn’t knights who saved the world.

You know those chapters that you always come back to in a book even when you’ve read the whole thing so often you’re tired of most of it? The next chapter of Wind Age is one of those. At least, … Continue reading

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A wonder on the wave: water became bone.

Since I have time, today being still Spring Break, you get an extra post this week. It is somewhat related to Wind Age things. Before you ask, yes, I have had a good Spring Break. It was nice not having to … Continue reading

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Introductions and Salutations

My work today is mainly on writing an introduction to Wind Age, giving historical context and such things so as to avoid infodumping in the story itself. Part of that means I’m reviewing a lot of sources I haven’t looked … Continue reading

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In the words of Fripsky von Chiggatron, “Do tell!”

I started Wind Age a year ago this month, as near as I can figure. Since it’s being beta-read right now, it’s on my mind a lot even apart from the anniversary, so my posts this month are going to be, … Continue reading

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