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June Wrap-up

Writing: Still working on Of the North. The document of new or substantially rewritten scenes is at 22,820 words, up from 11,345 as of the beginning of the month. If I keep up the pace of 11,000 words a month, I’d … Continue reading

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A living-history experiment by yours truly, because writers do weird things for the sake of realism. Such as, in this case, going out in the rain in garb. Purpose: To find out how it feels to wear garb in the … Continue reading

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Announcing. . .

Here’s the thing. I was planning (and dropped a hint or two on the blog to this effect) to write the Mediterranean-fairy-tale story for the last Rooglewood contest. Then I found out it was Snow White, and the two didn’t … Continue reading

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Help publish a WWI novel?

I’m sharing this here in the hopes that some of my readers will be able to help. Schuyler of My Lady Bibliophile has written a historical fiction novel that sounds like a lot of fun, from what I’ve read about it on … Continue reading

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Peculiar difficulties in rewriting Of the North

I have returned to the haunts of men! (In company with a cat who’s guarding her matryoshka keychain like a dragon.) Maybe I’ll be back to something like my normal posting schedule now. They say that one of the best … Continue reading

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In Which I write about good things and heresy

This afternoon I am in the basement puzzling over a laundry conundrum, while my sister has tea and cookies with one of her girl friends upstairs. I’ve got a comfy blanket, a buffalo rug, and baroque guitar music, and The Fellowship … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here

My mother’s gone this week, off to the other side of the continent, leaving me and my sister with two horses, a goat, two rabbits, and three cats to take care of, with animal chores at 7, 10, 1, 4, … Continue reading

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