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November wrap-up post — with snippets

Reading: Bits of Hegel and Marx and Ibn Khaldun and Nietzsche and such, for Historiography (We’re almost done and I shall be sad — how is next week the last week of classes already?) The Song of Roland, for the … Continue reading

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Let’s have a little talk about tweetle beetles.

A little while ago I got nominated for one of the fancier scholarships in the Humanities half of the school. They gave it to a Music major instead, which he probably needed it more than I do (we penniless artists … Continue reading

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A new story from Suzannah Rowntree!

You all already know how much I like Suzannah Rowntree’s Pendragon’s Heir, and if you don’t, you haven’t been reading this blog for very long. When I saw that she was publishing a new novella in her fairy-tale retellings series, and … Continue reading

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“This Saracen’s a heretic, I think.”

I read the Song of Roland recently, and of course I liked it, so this post will mostly be some of my favourite lines. Roland and Olivier are good friends, the brotherly kind of friends who get ignored so much … Continue reading

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“What brings thee to such a biting pickle?”

(Or in the Italian, “ma che ti mena a si pungenti salse?” The Inferno of Dante, Canto XVIII, line 51. It’s not from the part I wrote a paper on, but the book naturally opens to that page every time, … Continue reading

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“As invisible as you could wish to see”

(This isn’t going to be a proper post, as this day is turning into a crazy one. Sorry. Quote’s from the Dufflepuds.) Last week I asked for beta-readers for The Colour of Life on Kingdom Pen, not expecting to get very … Continue reading

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