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Black Wasp garb

My mom was shopping one day and found almost five yards of 60-inch wide wool at a thrift store. It’s very thin and very very dark blue, and a bit shiny — really high-status stuff. And there’s a lot of … Continue reading

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May wrap-up

Reading: Wingfeather Tales: a collection of short stories by several authours, set in the world of the Wingfeather Saga. The novella at the end would have been really good if it weren’t for 95% of the sentences being so easily … Continue reading

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“Polybius observed that deisidaimonia — fear and respect for the supernatural — held the Roman state together.”

(Roman Religion, Valerie Warrior) I think it may be time to talk a little more about the Vestal Virgin story. I’ve mentioned it here on account of reading books for it, but not enough to really give an idea of … Continue reading

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Calm before the storm

Crown is (counting today) four days away! Olivia’s new garb is still very much in progress, and we have to make bread. Sunday is Joel’s and JP’s combined senior recital; Monday and Tuesday I plan to write like mad as … Continue reading

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Results of the hood-type veil experiment!

Yesterday I finished my hood! (This is what I made the mock-up of paper towels for.) I am mostly pleased with it, with some reservations which I’ll go into more detail on. Since this is an idea for what a lower-class … Continue reading

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The long-awaited Theodosius essay

(I don’t know how many of you have been waiting on the edge of your seats for this, but here it is anyway. Formatting’s a bit off in the longer quotes.)   Theodosius I was the last to rule both halves … Continue reading

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“Many things certainly do I muse upon in this earthly tabernacle.”

The exams are done, and now the only thing left is to wait for grades. It’s finally starting to snow here, too. School starts up again on the 8th of January. My sister’s taking a class, which I’ll be in … Continue reading

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