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“Are we thus insanely to countenance the foolish error of the Manichaeans?”

So I thought I was getting a nice quiet day at home (to send lots of grown-up e-mails about school, incidentally), but as it turns out I am working after all. Fortunately I can throw you the nearest paper from … Continue reading

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In which I talk about art

Because I’m still not over that bad writing workshop. (Although a lot of this is prompted more by a continuing classmate than that professor.) I have been thinking for a long while, off and on, about deliberate ugliness in modern … Continue reading

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More from On the Free Choice of the Will

Time to make an Augustine of Hippo tag, I think. “A creature that sins by free will is more excellent than one that does not sin only because it has no free will. I would praise wine as a thing … Continue reading

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From On the Free Choice of the Will

Having finished with the first round of stories for the Advanced Fiction workshop, I am going to be out of character and not moan about how bad ideas taken to their logical conclusions in real life, rather than merely in … Continue reading

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January Wrap-up

Oh, look at me actually posting on a Tuesday again! Probably just because this is the kind of thing easy to write in advance. It is a busy day, though. Later I’m going to spend a couple of hours going … Continue reading

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I can read in pickle colour too.

Yesterday was over forty degrees and sunny, and now we’ve got snow blowing over everything and covering up the dirt, and it looks like midwinter again. I miss Of the North, but at the same time it needs so much work … Continue reading

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Gaudete, Gaudete, Christus est natus!

(Ex Maria virgine: gaudete!) Merry Christmas again! I’m listening to music for the first time since last Monday, and it’s making me remember how much I miss orchestra. And I’m not even a musician! How will I bear leaving for … Continue reading

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“It’s what’s inside that counts.”

I’m going to miss school a bit this time, which makes the first time in my entire public-school career. But there’s only one class I’ll really be missing — the rest is the occasional friend, and orchestra nights. It’s a … Continue reading


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Time to Breathe

Yesterday was a perfect whirlwind, and I feel like I’m still catching my breath, physically and figuratively. We had a snowstorm the night before, which didn’t much affect the roads to school, I thought. Olivia was coming down with me … Continue reading

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November wrap-up post — with snippets

Reading: Bits of Hegel and Marx and Ibn Khaldun and Nietzsche and such, for Historiography (We’re almost done and I shall be sad — how is next week the last week of classes already?) The Song of Roland, for the … Continue reading

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