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Io! Io!

Christus surrexit! On Saturday evening I finished the first complete draft of The Two-Legged League.  First glimpses of characters came late May ’18: Llewellyn (called Thew): dark-haired undergrad of the Perry type, who works with a typewriter in his shirt-sleeves. Penelope, … Continue reading

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The river house

A while ago a professor of mine, hearing I was moving out soon, offered me a house. We finally visited it several months ago, but I had this post in my drafts and nothing else to say today, and in … Continue reading

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“Can’t you even hedge a bet that a snow storm is UNLIKELY to hit in April!!??”

(The immortal words of Dr Rieppel upon a similar occasion last year.) Tuesday was weird in many ways. It was also good with puns. (Sunday, Olivia asked Pastor a linguistic question about the difference between hearing and understanding, and he … Continue reading

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Having run out of witty titles

The silence last week was quite accidental. We’re approaching the end of the orchestra season (concert on Saturday! Anyone want to come?) and I’ve actually worked a little bit, and am not too far behind on Camp NaNo, although the stats … Continue reading

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