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December Wrap-up

Merry Christmas! I have returned from the paths of the dead (not that any of the Dead who inhabited the actual Paths died by anything so dull as a cold), at least temporarily, with just enough wit to turn in … Continue reading

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“Bring me flesh and bring me wine!”

Merry Christmas! For those without the context (it’s Good King Wenceslas), it was somewhat unnerving to hear my sister bellowing out that line, and only that line, at random times in the days leading up to Christmas. I was going … Continue reading

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“A good novel tells us the truth about its hero. . .”

“. . . but a bad novel tells us the truth about its authour.” (Heretics) Something to think about for anyone considering a semi-autobiographical work. The grades are in! American Lit. is a B+. Greek Myth is A-, Historiography and … Continue reading

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I am determined to prove a Grinch.

Ah, Christmas. The most cliched time of the year. Also the only time people sing to a tree and nobody thinks it’s weird. (Not, of course, that anyone does it sincerely enough to be actually worshipping the tree, because they’d … Continue reading

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“Many things certainly do I muse upon in this earthly tabernacle.”

The exams are done, and now the only thing left is to wait for grades. It’s finally starting to snow here, too. School starts up again on the 8th of January. My sister’s taking a class, which I’ll be in … Continue reading

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“It’s what’s inside that counts.”

I’m going to miss school a bit this time, which makes the first time in my entire public-school career. But there’s only one class I’ll really be missing — the rest is the occasional friend, and orchestra nights. It’s a … Continue reading

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Time to Breathe, part III

(Continued from the previous two days’ posts) Then Dr Rieppel strode in with his coat-tails flying and a beaming face, and the people, seeing him for whom they looked, began to clap with right good will. Kayla and I slipped … Continue reading

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