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The Seamy Side

The job search continues. I am not exactly sanguine about the prospects of anyone in the area wanting me, but I’m staying, and I don’t know for how long — it could be quite a while. (Not that I want … Continue reading

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Some geeking out over obscure Anglo-Saxon art

GUYS.   According to the Bodleian Library’s online entry for the Benedictional of St Aethelwold, this page (of which only half is here shown) is a miniature of the Annunciation of the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary (I have left … Continue reading

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  When, at St Radegunde’s Fair in the second half of August, I learned about the prospect of an agricultural track at the Stellar University of Northshield, I asked two friends of mine at church who are interested in forms of … Continue reading

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There and Back Again: Beware the Ides of March

  Because of a snowstorm we missed going to Lupercalia, the event at which Derbail got to say Their Majesties requested the presence of AEschild for an Award of Arms. A month later we were planning to go the Ides … Continue reading

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I fell behind again — March wrap-up

Christus surrexit! Reading: Roman Religion, by Valerie Warrior. Brief introduction to the subject, which apart from occasional grammatical flaws (nothing very important, just occasionally makes it read roughly enough to be distracting) and use of BCE and CE, is okay … Continue reading


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That’s Hlafdige Æschild to you.

(I promise I will not be picky about my title, especially as it’s pretty unpronounceable. I won’t even insist on Lady.) I have another reason to regret not being at Lupercalia. Jenny delivered it today. It’s doubly special because my first … Continue reading

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Not one iota of difference

I saw mundane detachable sleeves today! I was staring at them through the whole class. If that wasn’t random enough, have a lot of random wisdom culled from various classes these last few days. From the History of Philosophy: Metaphysics … Continue reading

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Time to Breathe, part II

(Continued from yesterday’s post) At three thirty we were supposed to start moving things from FA to Holy Redeemer. Dr Rieppel had offered some of his students the opportunity to help us in lieu of having to write a research … Continue reading

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In Which I mistake my finger for a loaf of bread

I was going to be on top of things last week and brush up The Colour of Life for beta-reading, and do a blog post, and check the list of future papers to get ahead — and then I found … Continue reading

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In Which: I finally do something the way everybody else does

(Or. . . maybe not.) At last I am at liberty to share details about the job I got — because I did get it. Yes, now I’m one step closer to being the typical college student: having two jobs. … Continue reading

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