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Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax

This is going to be a long post. This “artist’s statement” was supposed to be a lot shorter, but you know how that goes. I even tried to abridge it and then found too many gaps in the argument that … Continue reading

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In which I talk about art

Because I’m still not over that bad writing workshop. (Although a lot of this is prompted more by a continuing classmate than that professor.) I have been thinking for a long while, off and on, about deliberate ugliness in modern … Continue reading

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“Qua!” said Peter Aurelius.

In the category of random Anglo-Saxon-era tidbits, there was in the seventh century a woman named AEthelthryth, who did all kinds of things which may be marshalled as evidence against the myth that the Church or the Middle Ages oppressed … Continue reading

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“You can’t talk, and you can’t tell the truth,” Eileen said. “What can you do?”

 “You said hello to me in the hallway today,” I told David, “and that’s the first time in my year of working here that you’ve greeted me of your own volition.”   “You never say hi to me,” David said.   “I’d … Continue reading

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“Bobbie had to try laughing out the other side of his mouth then, and had to be sat on before he would stop playing the clown.”

With lots of help from a friend, I’ve finally figured out the problem staring me in the face with Of the North. In scientific terms it’s “lack of the human element” which meant the story was more about the accidents … Continue reading

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O frabjous day!

I think it might actually be spring now. Yesterday was sunny and windy, of the kind which is exciting and challenging and doesn’t freeze your bones, and today the whole sky is blue and I don’t know what to do … Continue reading

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Last night Olivia and I went to Trauermusik: In Commemoration of Dr Julieta Alvarado-Rieppel, Dr Rieppel’s solo piano (and harpsichord!) recital. The place was packed. Mostly it was older people, and almost all the professors I know were there: McLean, Kolnick, … Continue reading

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