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On being a Chronicler

I didn’t intend the blog to go silent for so long — at first I couldn’t think of anything to follow up the most recent post without being anticlimactic, and then things got hectic and working hours got longer and … Continue reading

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“Can’t you even hedge a bet that a snow storm is UNLIKELY to hit in April!!??”

(The immortal words of Dr Rieppel upon a similar occasion last year.) Tuesday was weird in many ways. It was also good with puns. (Sunday, Olivia asked Pastor a linguistic question about the difference between hearing and understanding, and he … Continue reading

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The Seamy Side

The job search continues. I am not exactly sanguine about the prospects of anyone in the area wanting me, but I’m staying, and I don’t know for how long — it could be quite a while. (Not that I want … Continue reading

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“That’s a silly answer,” she said.

“No it isn’t,” retorted Peregrine, wiping blackberry juice out of his eye. Saturday I did the take-home Ethics final, and I turned in everything related to my major on Thursday, so I am done for good! Farewell to my schooldays. … Continue reading

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Caution: may explode on impact

I am not at school today, on account of a cold, and I skipped class yesterday too. Olivia was reminiscing about camp last night, and said she wished it would have gone on forever, but I said a week was … Continue reading

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Just fraternizing

The Adventures of the Motley Crew have reached eighty thousand (80,000) words, and I expect it will pause there for a while (I’d be pleasantly surprised if it didn’t, but that seems unlikely). We had our last get-together on Sunday, … Continue reading

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July Wrap-up

Reading: I know I read stuff but I can’t remember, sorry. Maybe someone can jog my memory? (Not that hard, please) Writing: The last couple of days, Motley Crew stuff. Before last week (which I wrote as “year” originally — … Continue reading

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