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“Can’t you even hedge a bet that a snow storm is UNLIKELY to hit in April!!??”

(The immortal words of Dr Rieppel upon a similar occasion last year.) Tuesday was weird in many ways. It was also good with puns. (Sunday, Olivia asked Pastor a linguistic question about the difference between hearing and understanding, and he … Continue reading

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The Seamy Side

The job search continues. I am not exactly sanguine about the prospects of anyone in the area wanting me, but I’m staying, and I don’t know for how long — it could be quite a while. (Not that I want … Continue reading

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“That’s a silly answer,” she said.

“No it isn’t,” retorted Peregrine, wiping blackberry juice out of his eye. Saturday I did the take-home Ethics final, and I turned in everything related to my major on Thursday, so I am done for good! Farewell to my schooldays. … Continue reading

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Caution: may explode on impact

I am not at school today, on account of a cold, and I skipped class yesterday too. Olivia was reminiscing about camp last night, and said she wished it would have gone on forever, but I said a week was … Continue reading

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Just fraternizing

The Adventures of the Motley Crew have reached eighty thousand (80,000) words, and I expect it will pause there for a while (I’d be pleasantly surprised if it didn’t, but that seems unlikely). We had our last get-together on Sunday, … Continue reading

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July Wrap-up

Reading: I know I read stuff but I can’t remember, sorry. Maybe someone can jog my memory? (Not that hard, please) Writing: The last couple of days, Motley Crew stuff. Before last week (which I wrote as “year” originally — … Continue reading

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I realized I never posted yet about the May concert

So here you go. 5,000 words. The final concert, the culmination of all the stress building up for the past several weeks, was also on Tuesday of finals week, which only added to it for most people. Olivia and I … Continue reading

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