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Summer and a love letter (not mine)

Summer in my local area means pop-up thunderstorms and toads on the road afterward; people setting off fireworks on dates not limited to Independence Day, and late at night without considering that other people are trying to sleep (our nearest … Continue reading

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June wrap-up

Reading: I read Ender’s Game in May and forgot to mention it then, but a friend from church has since lent us all four books. I finished the series, my dad’s still working on it. The first book was a bit … Continue reading

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Tradesmen’s entrance is round the back.

We’re four days into our new jobs. Olivia had Wednesday off and complained about missing work — she gets to make some of the stuff in the morning, and gets off at about two, with a short lunch break somewhere … Continue reading

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May wrap-up

Reading: Wingfeather Tales: a collection of short stories by several authours, set in the world of the Wingfeather Saga. The novella at the end would have been really good if it weren’t for 95% of the sentences being so easily … Continue reading

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I realized I never posted yet about the May concert

So here you go. 5,000 words. The final concert, the culmination of all the stress building up for the past several weeks, was also on Tuesday of finals week, which only added to it for most people. Olivia and I … Continue reading

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April wrap-up

Reading:  Dante’s Inferno, for Humanities — very good, of course. Perelandra, which I started the weekend church was cancelled because of snow, because I wanted something warm. Also I recommended the Space Trilogy to an atheist Creative Writing major, who … Continue reading

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Last things

Tonight’s our last concert of the season, and the last concert (for the foreseeable future) at which the motley crew will be complete. In addition to a lot of pieces premiering, we’re doing Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture. For good or … Continue reading

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