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“What brings thee to such a biting pickle?”

(Or in the Italian, “ma che ti mena a si pungenti salse?” The Inferno of Dante, Canto XVIII, line 51. It’s not from the part I wrote a paper on, but the book naturally opens to that page every time, … Continue reading

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Happy Reformation Day (& monthly wrap-up business)

Happy Reformation Day! I wish I could say we were celebrating it by having supper (and long conversations) with our Catholics, but we’re off rehearsal tonight because our high-church Anglican gave us today off for “the five hundredth anniversary of … Continue reading

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In Which I mistake my finger for a loaf of bread

I was going to be on top of things last week and brush up The Colour of Life for beta-reading, and do a blog post, and check the list of future papers to get ahead — and then I found … Continue reading

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In which: I agree with a Catholic

(This post may be offensive to some. I make fun of Mormons and Methodists, mainly, but even the unalliterative Lutherans come in for a bit of it. And naturally I disagree with Catholicism in the course of this post.) About … Continue reading

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Here’s your ticket, programs are at the door.

I dithered about writing this, because this blog is still supposed to be largely writing and philosophy stuff, with SCA things on the side, not just a sort of glorified journal. And what do I have to do with music … Continue reading

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Michaelmas, A. S. LII

Nine hundred and fifty-one years ago today, Harold Godwinson defeated Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge. One year ago today, I started a blog. (How’s that for an anticlimax?) My sister said I should write a post about these anniversaries. I … Continue reading

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Adventures of the motley crew

My sister’s played in five weddings before the one on Saturday, and all of them have been for people we already knew. In this case, someone in Joel’s church asked him to play in their wedding, and she wanted Pachelbel’s … Continue reading

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