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Snippets — Of the North, mostly

asdfghjk asdfghjk cut asdfghjkl ;;’snip snur’ trim trim * * * * * This is what happens when your sister comes home from work and you’ve left your computer unsupervised while you’re making lunch. (She said, “But those are snippets!”) … Continue reading

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Last things

Tonight’s our last concert of the season, and the last concert (for the foreseeable future) at which the motley crew will be complete. In addition to a lot of pieces premiering, we’re doing Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture. For good or … Continue reading

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November wrap-up post — with snippets

Reading: Bits of Hegel and Marx and Ibn Khaldun and Nietzsche and such, for Historiography (We’re almost done and I shall be sad — how is next week the last week of classes already?) The Song of Roland, for the … Continue reading

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Off to Sherwood Forest

I haven’t talked much about Rose-Tinted Arrows here in a while. I haven’t actually worked on it in a long time — I’ve collected notes, but haven’t written anything new, nor gotten up the courage to tear apart the old … Continue reading

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July Wrap-up

Writing: Lots. I did Camp NaNo, and at first I set my goal at 20,000 words. That’s the upper limit for the Rooglewood contest submissions, which is what I was planning to do, so it was nice and easy. Then … Continue reading

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Another snippets post

Tracey at Adventure Awaits tagged me for this a few weeks ago and I’m finally getting to it. The rules are as follows: -Include the graphic somewhere in your post (or make your own, just so long as you include a … Continue reading

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Wind Age snippets

For the last post of mine in March, have a taste of the actual story that I’ve been going on about. I don’t seem to have a lot of dialogue that isn’t in spoiler territory, so the story isn’t as … Continue reading

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