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Comparison of two book printing experiences

For winning Camp NaNo in July last year I got a coupon for a discount on one printed copy of a book from BookBaby. When I won NaNo in November the year before that I got a coupon for a … Continue reading

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Shadows of the Hersweald Cover Reveal

A friend of mine likes to write a novella in a fortnight just for the fun of the challenge, and one of the fruits of these efforts will be published soon. We exchange stories and things sometimes, and though I … Continue reading

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Mainly about the bad guys

(By the way, I’ve added the first chapters of my three major works, and a short story, to my blog. If you put your mouse on the “Adventures in Various Worlds” page you’ll see them.) Today’s post is a collection … Continue reading

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“Right is right even if nobody does it. Wrong is wrong even if everybody is wrong about it.”

Previously I mentioned having trouble with a certain writing workshop I’m taking this semester. Postmodernism — the idea that everything is subjective, which differs from modernism mainly in that when modernism’s fallacies were pointed out, the Modernists were bothered by … Continue reading

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Vers Libre: poesy set free from the shackles of formal metre

How to Write Modern Poetry Your subject: death. Or at least decay. Disease, depression, and insanity are Good (if you like to call them that) ideas too. To change an old phrase, “While we live, Let us die.” The old … Continue reading

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Call for Beta-Readers

After a hectic start to school, an unexpected delay in the return of my family, and a blizzard, I finally return to the haunts of men. I could dump here all my thoughts concerning science and religion as they came … Continue reading

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In the words of somebody, “I’d rather not. What else have you got?”

Ever since I learned that it’s popular these days to write in the first person (write stories, that is, not things like letters and ordinary correspondence — this post is after all in first person), I’ve tried to avoid it … Continue reading

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