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Hallo, I am a fundamentalist.

Looking over the archives, I observe that I have not been controversial on the blog in entirely too long. (Since Dec 21, to be exact.) If I do this right I will probably alienate two halves of my readership, but the … Continue reading

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Go Teen Writers posts I’ve found specially helpful

What it says on the tin. The effort to curtail the number of bookmarks I have is proceeding well. I expect to have a substantial post of my own writing soon, but it’s taking some effort. reading

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Historical Fiction resources (online)

I’ve collected a lot of resources over the years and have been trying to clear them out (I have a long way still to go), separating the ones I’ve actually used from the ones I’ve never thought of again, or … Continue reading

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Adventures of Copper and Sheba

[I am bidden to clarify, by persons innamorata, that this is a joint work, the product of collaboration, if you can believe it, between my sister and myself. Who chiefly took which part, and from whom came certain elements, you … Continue reading

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Writing update

“She had written what she felt herself called upon to write; and, though she was beginning to feel that she might perhaps do this thing better, she had no doubt that the thing itself was the right thing for her. … Continue reading

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All your rabbit-trails in one handy place

During the semester, when things are crazier than normal, I have a tendency to open cans of worms or find the openings of rabbit-holes, and have to note them for later. Sometimes I leave links to things in random e-mail … Continue reading

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Adventure on the Vienna Express

The promised Olivia and Dr Rieppel story.     This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events, names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, or incidents is entirely intentional. Adventure on the Vienna … Continue reading

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