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“A Socialist government is one which in its nature does not tolerate any true and real opposition.”

“For there the Government provides everything; and it is absurd to ask a Government to provide an opposition.” I’m back — at least for a little while. I really should not go around announcing what I plan to do, because … Continue reading

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Chesterton and politics

Bob-Up-And-Down   They babble on of Babylon, They tire me out with Tyre, And Sidon putting side on, I do not much admire. But the little town Bob-up-and-Down, That lies beyond the Blee, Along the road our fathers rode, O … Continue reading

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Happy Reformation day!

And in (sort of) the spirit of the Reformation, if anyone who reads this blog doesn’t like either of the presidential candidates, but still wants to vote without giving up their principles to do so, do look up Evan McMullin. … Continue reading

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