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Now Comes the Knight, part 1

Here at last is the story from Northshield’s Spring Coronation! I’ll be posting it in sections, so you don’t have one post that’s 17,000 words long. On the last day of writing, I accidentally lost my entire day’s work, so … Continue reading

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Because all books are either dreams or swords

I know that in some circles, Christians look down on fiction the way they look down on the prospect of singleness: it’s not a bad thing in itself, but it’s not nearly as good as your other options, so why … Continue reading

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My Tuesday post is late, but there’s a reason.

Yesterday my sister was playing in a concert, and I brought her down to school with me, and after I was done with class we got Papa John’s pizza and ate it outside in a courtyard no one seems to know even … Continue reading

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In Defence of Nonfiction

Some people object to nonfiction, saying it isn’t a story, because it’s real life and real life is not a story. (Note: these are usually not the people who object to fiction because it’s not real life, therefore made-up, therefore … Continue reading

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The Craftsman and Artist

Here’s the story from the SCA event my sister and I went to a few weeks ago. It’s long, I warn you — fourteen thousand words. Also, unlike the other one I’ve posted here, from Hadrian’s Feld, SUN is a … Continue reading

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