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You might call it lawful necromancy

People have been asking me things like what my favourite historical novel is (I never can remember at the time) or how much I own (can’t remember that either), so a few weeks ago I pulled all the ones in … Continue reading

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“Polybius observed that deisidaimonia — fear and respect for the supernatural — held the Roman state together.”

(Roman Religion, Valerie Warrior) I think it may be time to talk a little more about the Vestal Virgin story. I’ve mentioned it here on account of reading books for it, but not enough to really give an idea of … Continue reading

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Guest post from War of Loyalties’ authour

War of Loyalties, the World War One historical novel I’ve mentioned here before (I was trying to concentrate on one thing long enough to figure out what I was saying about it, and my sister, who’s beside me, suggested “written”, … Continue reading

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Let’s have a little talk about tweetle beetles.

A little while ago I got nominated for one of the fancier scholarships in the Humanities half of the school. They gave it to a Music major instead, which he probably needed it more than I do (we penniless artists … Continue reading

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A Cover Reveal!

Some of you might remember me linking to a Kickstarter thing to raise money for publishing a Word War One novel? The authour got the money she needed, and today she’s revealing the cover. Now I haven’t actually read the … Continue reading

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Introducing Clothes, not Costume

Sometimes I try to read historical fiction, because if you write in that genre that’s what you’re supposed to do, and growl at all the things that show authours haven’t done their research. Who am I to tell people what … Continue reading

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When writing doesn’t look like writing

My dad comes home from work and tells us what he did all day (he works in IT, so it’s clearing up problems on stuff he knows is going to be obsolete in another three years at most. Very fulfilling … Continue reading

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