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Io! Io!

Christus surrexit! On Saturday evening I finished the first complete draft of The Two-Legged League.  First glimpses of characters came late May ’18: Llewellyn (called Thew): dark-haired undergrad of the Perry type, who works with a typewriter in his shirt-sleeves. Penelope, … Continue reading

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Having run out of witty titles

The silence last week was quite accidental. We’re approaching the end of the orchestra season (concert on Saturday! Anyone want to come?) and I’ve actually worked a little bit, and am not too far behind on Camp NaNo, although the stats … Continue reading

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As I go puffing out germs like a puffball with its spores

I’ve been at home with a cold these three days, coming down with it at the end of a long day with the orchestra. On Wednesday I read four library books; yesterday I re-read one (The Castle Behind Thorns, Merrie … Continue reading

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A Remedy: for Historical Inaccuracies

Two things that would go a long way toward increasing historical accuracy (to the point that I, with a concentration in the late Anglo-Saxon era, can ask intelligently about the plausibility of things in a story set in 15th-cent. Bohemia): … Continue reading

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Sword at Sunset

It is. . . not like Pendragon’s Heir, and then again like it. Imagine a novel written by a woman in first person, in Artos’ voice, which oddly enough sometimes reads like Lewis writing in a woman’s voice (Till We … Continue reading

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Historical Fiction resources (online)

I’ve collected a lot of resources over the years and have been trying to clear them out (I have a long way still to go), separating the ones I’ve actually used from the ones I’ve never thought of again, or … Continue reading

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Si medicus quisquam in horto prostratus

The announcement I said might come in the last post, except I forgot about it, which I also said I might do, is here now. I am working on a new novel, probably on the shorter side. The idea sort … Continue reading

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