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Christian, student of Philosophy, writer, SCAdian. Crazy cat lady who likes to keep cats and birds at the same time, and who's too young to be called an old cat lady. Medievalist. Creative Writing major, Philosophy minor.

Some more motley adventures

After last week’s flurry of activity, maybe just one post this week is good. Anyway, it’s been crazy as far as school goes, and this weekend, D. v., I’ll be at Lupercalia — so next week you’d get a lot … Continue reading

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*Glitter bombs and sparkle dust explosions*  (You probably know by now who’s writing this post. Hint: not Sophia ) Well, I don’t think many of you know what today is, so I hacked her blog after she went to bed tonight to ask … Continue reading

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Concerto da Camera, Part II

Dr Rieppel and LauraLee and a few others were already at First Lutheran when Olivia and I got there. We set up stands and chairs and whatnot and then waited around for other people to show up and the dress … Continue reading

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Concerto da Camera, Part I

One day while LauraLee and I were going through music in the library after the December concert, Dr Rieppel came in and asked if we’d seen his baton anywhere. We hadn’t, but he searched the Carol Sing anyway. As of … Continue reading

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Now Rabbit’s giving me a hard look.

Last night I did perhaps one of the most loony things I’ve ever done, after starting to be a writer and maybe something else — suddenly I can’t think of weird things I’ve done, which probably means I’m too far … Continue reading

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“Yes,” said Pooh. “One of those. In case it isn’t.”

Rabbit gave him a hard look. “I don’t think you’re helping,” he said. My first story for the advanced fiction workshop was due this week, but the story about the plague was nowhere near being done (it’s been growing in … Continue reading

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More from On the Free Choice of the Will

Time to make an Augustine of Hippo tag, I think. “A creature that sins by free will is more excellent than one that does not sin only because it has no free will. I would praise wine as a thing … Continue reading

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