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Christian, student of Philosophy, writer, SCAdian. Crazy cat lady who likes to keep cats and birds at the same time, and who's too young to be called an old cat lady. Medievalist. Creative Writing major, Philosophy minor.

Now Comes the Knight, part 3

(The usual notes: Parts 1 and 2 may be found in the posts immediately preceding this one, in case you want to catch up. Also, according to my sister, pictures do show up in WordPress Reader, so maybe those of … Continue reading

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Now Comes the Knight, part 2

(Notes: Part One may be found in the previous post. I didn’t post yesterday because we were at our grandmother’s. Those of you using WordPress Reader will want to change to the blog post itself, as this part has even … Continue reading

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Now Comes the Knight, part 1

Here at last is the story from Northshield’s Spring Coronation! I’ll be posting it in sections, so you don’t have one post that’s 17,000 words long. On the last day of writing, I accidentally lost my entire day’s work, so … Continue reading

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Progress on Of the North

Graduation went off all right, being unusually short. I only had to actually talk once, which was funny, but another story, and we got home safely with our Doctor. I got some sewing done in the car, too. I’ve got four documents … Continue reading

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Rambling post

I don’t have a proper post today, all on one topic, because today has been a bit interrupted, and tomorrow we will be doing one of the things most of us like least: being dressed up at a social gathering. … Continue reading

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Summer plans (early)

     Yes, I’m posting early. I wasn’t quite clearheaded enough to start writing stories today, but I’m hoping to tomorrow, so I thought I’d get this out of the way. Besides, it makes it an easy list to reference … Continue reading

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April wrap-up (late)

You might have noticed I didn’t post on Tuesday. I got done with finals and immediately got the cold. It started about a month ago, got Olivia, got my mother (still has her, in fact) and for some reason missed … Continue reading

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