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Creative Writing major and Philosophy minor, contemplating a Master's degree in Medieval History. I enjoy practically anything to do with medieval history, including the domestic arts, with an especial emphasis on the Anglo-Saxon Era. In my spare time I read endlessly, do medieval living-history, hold philosophical debates at the drop of a hat, and write books on even slighter provocation.

Black Wasp garb

My mom was shopping one day and found almost five yards of 60-inch wide wool at a thrift store. It’s very thin and very very dark blue, and a bit shiny — really high-status stuff. And there’s a lot of … Continue reading

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Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax

This is going to be a long post. This “artist’s statement” was supposed to be a lot shorter, but you know how that goes. I even tried to abridge it and then found too many gaps in the argument that … Continue reading

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In which I talk about art

Because I’m still not over that bad writing workshop. (Although a lot of this is prompted more by a continuing classmate than that professor.) I have been thinking for a long while, off and on, about deliberate ugliness in modern … Continue reading

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Summer and a love letter (not mine)

Summer in my local area means pop-up thunderstorms and toads on the road afterward; people setting off fireworks on dates not limited to Independence Day, and late at night without considering that other people are trying to sleep (our nearest … Continue reading

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What I hope to be up to for the rest of the summer

We heard cicadas on the 30th of June, and all at once we passed into high summer. When you hear six weeks until first frost it’s as if you’ve crested the tallest in a series of hills and are looking … Continue reading

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June wrap-up

Reading: I read Ender’s Game in May and forgot to mention it then, but a friend from church has since lent us all four books. I finished the series, my dad’s still working on it. The first book was a bit … Continue reading

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Snippets — Of the North, mostly

asdfghjk asdfghjk cut asdfghjkl ;;’snip snur’ trim trim * * * * * This is what happens when your sister comes home from work and you’ve left your computer unsupervised while you’re making lunch. (She said, “But those are snippets!”) … Continue reading

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