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Historical Fiction resources (online)

I’ve collected a lot of resources over the years and have been trying to clear them out (I have a long way still to go), separating the ones I’ve actually used from the ones I’ve never thought of again, or … Continue reading

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Black Wasp garb

My mom was shopping one day and found almost five yards of 60-inch wide wool at a thrift store. It’s very thin and very very dark blue, and a bit shiny — really high-status stuff. And there’s a lot of … Continue reading

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“Qua!” said Peter Aurelius.

In the category of random Anglo-Saxon-era tidbits, there was in the seventh century a woman named AEthelthryth, who did all kinds of things which may be marshalled as evidence against the myth that the Church or the Middle Ages oppressed … Continue reading

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New tutorial

(Also, for those of you who might be interested but didn’t make it all the way through my previous post to the note about it: my SCA garb page is newly updated with pictures and links and things.)   This … Continue reading

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First tutorial is up!

After a few failed attempts (do I really sound like that?) to make a tutorial, I finally got a video Olivia said passed muster. Here’s the picture I was going off: (Sapientia from the Psychomachia of Prudentius, Cotton Cleopatra, etc., … Continue reading

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Results of the hood-type veil experiment!

Yesterday I finished my hood! (This is what I made the mock-up of paper towels for.) I am mostly pleased with it, with some reservations which I’ll go into more detail on. Since this is an idea for what a lower-class … Continue reading

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That’s Hlafdige Æschild to you.

(I promise I will not be picky about my title, especially as it’s pretty unpronounceable. I won’t even insist on Lady.) I have another reason to regret not being at Lupercalia. Jenny delivered it today. It’s doubly special because my first … Continue reading

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