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Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax

This is going to be a long post. This “artist’s statement” was supposed to be a lot shorter, but you know how that goes. I even tried to abridge it and then found too many gaps in the argument that … Continue reading

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Last night Olivia and I went to Trauermusik: In Commemoration of Dr Julieta Alvarado-Rieppel, Dr Rieppel’s solo piano (and harpsichord!) recital. The place was packed. Mostly it was older people, and almost all the professors I know were there: McLean, Kolnick, … Continue reading

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“This Saracen’s a heretic, I think.”

I read the Song of Roland recently, and of course I liked it, so this post will mostly be some of my favourite lines. Roland and Olivier are good friends, the brotherly kind of friends who get ignored so much … Continue reading

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Michaelmas, A. S. LII

Nine hundred and fifty-one years ago today, Harold Godwinson defeated Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge. One year ago today, I started a blog. (How’s that for an anticlimax?) My sister said I should write a post about these anniversaries. I … Continue reading

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Things every writer should read

“The blank page is God’s way of letting us know how hard it is to be God.” ~ G. K. Chesterton I found this quote today and it came at singularly good timing, as I’ve been learning from experience just … Continue reading

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Vers Libre: poesy set free from the shackles of formal metre

How to Write Modern Poetry Your subject: death. Or at least decay. Disease, depression, and insanity are Good (if you like to call them that) ideas too. To change an old phrase, “While we live, Let us die.” The old … Continue reading

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