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You might call it lawful necromancy

People have been asking me things like what my favourite historical novel is (I never can remember at the time) or how much I own (can’t remember that either), so a few weeks ago I pulled all the ones in … Continue reading

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Coming Full Circle: Spring Crown A. S. LIII, part II (and final)

(This is the second half of the story, and slightly longer than the other, I’m afraid — don’t look at me, I can’t do math — also shorter on pictures, as Wynnie was gone or otherwise occupied for most of … Continue reading

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Coming Full Circle: Spring Crown A. S. LIII, part I

Crown Tournament, May 12, Anno Societatis LIII, in Avonwood      The Village of Avonwood sent in a bid to host the Spring Crown tournament, and got it. The only available site in the area which not only had everything necessary … Continue reading

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April wrap-up

Reading:  Dante’s Inferno, for Humanities — very good, of course. Perelandra, which I started the weekend church was cancelled because of snow, because I wanted something warm. Also I recommended the Space Trilogy to an atheist Creative Writing major, who … Continue reading

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The end is in sight! (Almost)

An artist’s statement which was to be three pages double-spaced is now five pages single-spaced, and that with certain ideas glossed over even though they could use elaboration and defence. One of the last papers for the Independent Study on … Continue reading

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Results of the hood-type veil experiment!

Yesterday I finished my hood! (This is what I made the mock-up of paper towels for.) I am mostly pleased with it, with some reservations which I’ll go into more detail on. Since this is an idea for what a lower-class … Continue reading

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Now Rabbit’s giving me a hard look.

Last night I did perhaps one of the most loony things I’ve ever done, after starting to be a writer and maybe something else — suddenly I can’t think of weird things I’ve done, which probably means I’m too far … Continue reading

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