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Happy Reformation day!

And in (sort of) the spirit of the Reformation, if anyone who reads this blog doesn’t like either of the presidential candidates, but still wants to vote without giving up their principles to do so, do look up Evan McMullin. … Continue reading

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Winter Is I-Cumen In

It’s the time of year where writers are almost done preparing (if they prepare at all) for NaNoWriMo, and I, having done it last year, know what it’s like and I’m not calling them crazy (though perhaps some of them … Continue reading

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Review of The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson

   A few weeks ago I won a book from Deborah, and when it came in the mail I read it. Now some books are so bad you never talk about them, and some are so good that once you start … Continue reading

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On evolution or possibly intelligent design

Someone who shall be known only as the Golux (the only Golux in the world, and not a mere Device) desired to know why Rose-Tinted Arrows is Rose-Tinted Arrows and not something else. For explanation I can only offer the … Continue reading

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“If you can’t find what you need, have a peppermint.”

In which, having a unanimous cry for more about Rose-Tinted Arrows, I graciously yield to the two readers who so importuned me. The questions which I answer in this post come from something I found floating around on the Internet, … Continue reading

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In the words of Jinto Qweb: “Hurry! Reading is fun!”

Or, in other words, it’s a good day when you get two books in the mail. Besides that, I’ve finished the pages for my books and my SCA projects, if you’d like to look at them. I realize this blog … Continue reading

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The Chronicle of Hadrian’s Feld

     Here at last is the story from Saturday of Hadrian’s Feld, Anno Societatis LI (being 2016 in the common reckoning). Before I get on to it I will say this is not my best writing. I wrote all … Continue reading

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