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New tutorial

(Also, for those of you who might be interested but didn’t make it all the way through my previous post to the note about it: my SCA garb page is newly updated with pictures and links and things.)   This … Continue reading

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Vivant to the Heirs!

His Grace Vladimir Radescu, for Her Grace Petranella Fitzallen of Weston, won the crown of Northshield on Saturday, beating Master Cyveliog McKinley (for Viscountess Elashava bas Riva). His boast that he was “twice and future King” has apparently come true. … Continue reading

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First tutorial is up!

After a few failed attempts (do I really sound like that?) to make a tutorial, I finally got a video Olivia said passed muster. Here’s the picture I was going off: (Sapientia from the Psychomachia of Prudentius, Cotton Cleopatra, etc., … Continue reading

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Results of the hood-type veil experiment!

Yesterday I finished my hood! (This is what I made the mock-up of paper towels for.) I am mostly pleased with it, with some reservations which I’ll go into more detail on. Since this is an idea for what a lower-class … Continue reading

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That’s Hlafdige Æschild to you.

(I promise I will not be picky about my title, especially as it’s pretty unpronounceable. I won’t even insist on Lady.) I have another reason to regret not being at Lupercalia. Jenny delivered it today. It’s doubly special because my first … Continue reading

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A living-history experiment by yours truly, because writers do weird things for the sake of realism. Such as, in this case, going out in the rain in garb. Purpose: To find out how it feels to wear garb in the … Continue reading

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Now Comes the Knight, part 4

(Yes, I realize I didn’t post yesterday. I think I forgot what day it was. For those of you anxiously waiting, I hope to get the next bit of Wind Age out today. (This is the last installment of the … Continue reading

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