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Tolkien quotes, again

Having recently re-read The Lord of the Rings, I found a lot of subtle humour in the first volume, especially whenever Gandalf and Pippin, or Sam and Strider, are together. I don’t know why I noticed it more this time … Continue reading

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Above all shadows rides the Sun

At about five minutes to two on the afternoon of Wednesday the twenty-ninth of August, I was coming around the corner between the bakery and the place I’d parked my car, to get my lunch. As I turned, I saw … Continue reading

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Work and woolsacks

Today is the beginning of Fall Break, where I get exactly two days off of class. Still, it’s four days in a row where I don’t go to school, so that’s nice. It’s about time. We have our first concert … Continue reading

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Fire and fleet and candlelight, part I

WordPress Reader readers are advised this and the previous post are mostly pictures linked to Pinterest and may not show up, etc. Also I hope to have a substantive sort of post later in the week, but if it’s what … Continue reading

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Fire and fleet and candlelight, part II

(EDITED TO ADD: the astute among you will have noticed that this is a “part II” for which there is no “part I”. This is because I can’t keep things straight, as usual. In my desire to post twice a … Continue reading

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Small SCA dump

I haven’t been active in the local things lately, from shire meetings on up, and I don’t think I’ll get to an even besides SUN the rest of this year, if that, but I do have a couple of things … Continue reading

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