Help publish a WWI novel?

I’m sharing this here in the hopes that some of my readers will be able to help. Schuyler of My Lady Bibliophile has written a historical fiction novel that sounds like a lot of fun, from what I’ve read about it on her blog. She’s trying to get it published this year.

The Kickstarter thingamabob is running out of time in — as of right now — 13 11hours. Also as of right now, she has about 500 300 (Yay!) dollars to raise. The way Kickstarter works, you either get all or nothing. If she’s raised only $4,999 of her $5,000 goal by when her time’s up, she doesn’t get a penny of it.

One of the drawbacks of being unemployed is that I haven’t earned any money. One of the drawbacks of that, is that I’m short on spending money. I can’t help financially, though I’d love to buy the book. So I’m promoting it here in case any of you might be interested or able to contribute. The link is here: (You have to copy and paste the text here into a new window, sorry — I can’t get the link to work for some reason.)

She’s so close! How could I wait any longer?


About Nolie Alcarturiel

Christian, student of Philosophy, writer, SCAdian. Crazy cat lady who likes to keep cats and birds at the same time, and who's too young to be called an old cat lady. Medievalist. Creative Writing major, Philosophy minor.
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