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“Polybius observed that deisidaimonia — fear and respect for the supernatural — held the Roman state together.”

(Roman Religion, Valerie Warrior) I think it may be time to talk a little more about the Vestal Virgin story. I’ve mentioned it here on account of reading books for it, but not enough to really give an idea of … Continue reading

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The long-awaited Theodosius essay

(I don’t know how many of you have been waiting on the edge of your seats for this, but here it is anyway. Formatting’s a bit off in the longer quotes.)   Theodosius I was the last to rule both halves … Continue reading

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Not one iota of difference

I saw mundane detachable sleeves today! I was staring at them through the whole class. If that wasn’t random enough, have a lot of random wisdom culled from various classes these last few days. From the History of Philosophy: Metaphysics … Continue reading

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I am determined to prove a Grinch.

Ah, Christmas. The most cliched time of the year. Also the only time people sing to a tree and nobody thinks it’s weird. (Not, of course, that anyone does it sincerely enough to be actually worshipping the tree, because they’d … Continue reading

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“Many things certainly do I muse upon in this earthly tabernacle.”

The exams are done, and now the only thing left is to wait for grades. It’s finally starting to snow here, too. School starts up again on the 8th of January. My sister’s taking a class, which I’ll be in … Continue reading

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“It’s what’s inside that counts.”

I’m going to miss school a bit this time, which makes the first time in my entire public-school career. But there’s only one class I’ll really be missing — the rest is the occasional friend, and orchestra nights. It’s a … Continue reading

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“This Saracen’s a heretic, I think.”

I read the Song of Roland recently, and of course I liked it, so this post will mostly be some of my favourite lines. Roland and Olivier are good friends, the brotherly kind of friends who get ignored so much … Continue reading

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