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Progress on Of the North

Graduation went off all right, being unusually short. I only had to actually talk once, which was funny, but another story, and we got home safely with our Doctor. I got some sewing done in the car, too. I’ve got four documents … Continue reading

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Another snippets post

Tracey at Adventure Awaits tagged me for this a few weeks ago and I’m finally getting to it. The rules are as follows: -Include the graphic somewhere in your post (or make your own, just so long as you include a … Continue reading

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Introductions and Salutations

My work today is mainly on writing an introduction to Wind Age, giving historical context and such things so as to avoid infodumping in the story itself. Part of that means I’m reviewing a lot of sources I haven’t looked … Continue reading

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First Lines

The idea for this post comes from Tracey’s here. I haven’t posted the first lines of the novels whose first chapters I have up here, or the Coventry Carol, which I also have on its own page. These will be … Continue reading

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In the words of somebody, “I’d rather not. What else have you got?”

Ever since I learned that it’s popular these days to write in the first person (write stories, that is, not things like letters and ordinary correspondence — this post is after all in first person), I’ve tried to avoid it … Continue reading

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On Lily’s story

Yesterday morning I woke up with a cold, which left my body demanding sleep and my mind groping through a fog as dense as any that ever came out of Solbane. Today my head’s better, and it’s snowing. For some … Continue reading

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“If you can’t find what you need, have a peppermint.”

In which, having a unanimous cry for more about Rose-Tinted Arrows, I graciously yield to the two readers who so importuned me. The questions which I answer in this post come from something I found floating around on the Internet, … Continue reading

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