“A great success!”

I intended the last post in the series on Of the North to be all snippets, but when I was going through the story looking for parts that would work even when ripped out of context, I wasn’t finding any, in part because it all sounds the same now (when my sister asked me if it was a good story I had to say I have fussed over it and fiddled with it too many times to be qualified to give an opinion), and partly because I don’t want to accidentally share spoilers.

As that was the last post, I have nothing more to offer about Of the North. If you wanted to know something I didn’t touch on, and if it isn’t spoilery, please ask. You may well get an entire post all on that. Is there anything, not necessarily about Of the North, that you’d like to read about next?

I’ll post the story from SUN eventually as requested. My Thanksgiving break has mainly been spent working on Wind Age in between interruptions from my sister every five minutes. I’ve gotten a surprising amount done on it all the same.

The quotation is from Cyrano de Bergerac, because I’m finding myself out of words rather like Christian. The difference is that I don’t know when to. . . oh, never mind.


About Nolie Alcarturiel

Creative Writing major and Philosophy minor, contemplating a Master's degree in Medieval History. I enjoy practically anything to do with medieval history, including the domestic arts, with an especial emphasis on the Anglo-Saxon Era. In my spare time I read endlessly, do medieval living-history, hold philosophical debates at the drop of a hat, and write books on even slighter provocation.
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