On evolution or possibly intelligent design

Someone who shall be known only as the Golux (the only Golux in the world, and not a mere Device) desired to know why Rose-Tinted Arrows is Rose-Tinted Arrows and not something else. For explanation I can only offer the story of how it came to be that way.

I was taking a break from writing to eat a belated lunch — I think I was home alone that day — and making a sandwich, and trying to think of what to name this story that had come along and was demanding official recognition. Given the main character’s situation at the beginning of the story, I thought at first, “Dove Among Serpents? No; is there anything else that sounds kind of like that? Her name’s Rose. . . Rose Among Thorns? Thorns are kind of like arrows, and the outlaws are archers. Rose Among Arrows. That’s not quite right somehow. . . Rose, Rose — Rose-Tinted —-Rose-Tinted Arrows! It’s perfect!” And then I dropped the knife in the peanut butter and ran and wrote it down, because I was not going to take any chances on losing it. The title has come to be the best embodiment of the story of, I think, any of mine. It fits the story-world, and the general quirkiness of it all, and at the same time suggests those deep colours which you’ll find in it. It was grafted on to the story at first, but they’ve knit together remarkably well; so whether anyone likes it or not, it stays.


About Nolie Alcarturiel

Creative Writing major and Philosophy minor, contemplating a Master's degree in Medieval History. I enjoy practically anything to do with medieval history, including the domestic arts, with an especial emphasis on the Anglo-Saxon Era. In my spare time I read endlessly, do medieval living-history, hold philosophical debates at the drop of a hat, and write books on even slighter provocation.
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One Response to On evolution or possibly intelligent design

  1. thegermangolux says:

    Well, I’ll let it be. Without having read the book, I can’t give an educated opinion anyway. Whenever I hear the name I still think, of literal pink arrows, which is weird. But you said it was staying, so I guess it’s staying.


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